Killa Knits is a Peruvian ethical fashion company committed to making alpaca fiber well known throughout the world, to caring for the environment, and to supporting the development of knitting communities in Peru.



Our mission is to promote natural yarns, to improve Peruvian hand knitters` standard of living, to preserve traditional knitting techniques and to incorporate production processes that minimize or eliminate negative environmental and social impacts. To put it simply, we want to inspire responsible fashion.



Killa designs, produces, and exports hand knitted garments and accessories including the latest fashion trends. The garments are produced by urban and rural knitting communities from Peru, fashioned either by hand or manual machine. We use natural yarns, like baby alpaca, organic pima and tangüis cotton, mercerized cotton, and high-quality blends.



The brand is wagering on traditional knitting techniques, such as hand knitting with needles, crochet, hairpin lace and macramé, achieving a wide range of textures that makes each piece a one-of-a-kind.
Killa was conceived for women who seek uniquely designed garments and find high value in clothing made by hand under the principles of respect and ethical fashion.
Killa encourages its clients to ask about the story behind each clothing piece they buy, thereby raising awareness of the impact irresponsible purchase is creating.



Killa Knits offers consulting and sourcing services to designers, companies and brands locally and abroad. Our goals are to promote baby alpaca and cotton yarns and to assure that our knitters continue creating wearable pieces of art and receiving recognition abroad for their work.
The company is determined to spread a message of ecological awareness and sustainable production and to encourage our customers to commit to a slow fashion approach by having their collections handcrafted in Peru.


Many people talk about ethical fashion and sustainability, but how is Killa making these extremely important concepts a reality?
• We design long lasting pieces.
• By encouraging hand knitting, we are creating jobs and well-being.
• We use natural fibers from the most prestigious companies that guarantee no cruelty in their shearing methods.
• We recycle our yarns leftovers through different art projects (“Recicla en Arte”)



Killa firmly believes that hand knitting is a powerful tool that can forge an economic change in many people’s lives. Our garments, primarily hand-knitted are utterly unique and impossible to repeat being part of our mission to rescue and to revalue the different traditional knitting techniques passed down from generation to generation in knitting communities and families.